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Customer profiling plays such a critical role in successful copywriting that we provide it as standard with each of the services we offer.

Think about it; how can any copywriter promise you results without a deep understanding of your business and goals?

How can any copywriter persuade your customers to buy your products without identifying their buying motivators?

 How can any copywriter tap into the mind of your audience without knowing their fears, desires, hopes, beliefs, values and attitudes?

They can’t! Customer profiling is the foundation of copywriting (copywriting that works, anyway!).

Before we put “pen to paper” on any project we undertake, we work closely with you to “paint a comprehensive picture” of your business, your goals and your target market. Whether it takes an hour, a week or even more, we will not write any copy before you are completely satisfied that we fully understand these three core elements. In fact, the majority of our customers actually learn a lot about their own business and target market during this process.

This is how the customer profiling process works:

1: You hire us to supercharge your marketing results and we arrange a Skype /phone/ face to face consultation at a date and time that suits you. In the meantime, we send you a list of initial questions to “get the ball rolling.”

2: During our consultation/s, we’ll ask you a range of detailed questions and go into further detail about the questions you’ve already answered. (It’s during this stage that most of our customers learn the most about marketing and feel reignited about their business!).

3: Once the profiling stage is complete, we’ll type up our evaluation and send this to you for you to use a reference in your future marketing campaigns!

4: We’ll then confirm a copywriting plan and start crafting your copy!

We can also offer customer profiling as a standalone service. To find out more, contact us today for a friendly chat.

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If your website isn’t transforming those clicks into cash then it may as well not be there!

When a potential customer visits your website, you’ve got around 8 seconds to grab their attention. If you haven’t convinced them to hang around in that tiny time frame, the chances are you’ve missed your selling opportunity.

Most people can knock-up a few words to fill their web pages, but very few know the ‘rules’ that a professional web content copywriter uses to engage with your ideal customer and generate those jaw-dropping conversion rates.

Most of our clients are unaware of the selling power of their website before they come to us.

And that selling power is colossal!

Now think of having a lead-generating, profit-spinning website that has superior status in the search engine rankings...

Your ideal customers are finding you, they’re engaged and persuaded to take action through the content on your site and your days of wondering where the next customer is coming from are over...

It sounds too good to be true but that it’s not! Websites are not there because it’s 2016 and “every business should have a website”; they’re there to generate business.

While we are busy planning your website copy, our expert team of SEO analysts will run the most sophisticated keyword research software to identify the search terms that relate directly to the kind of questions behind what’s actually being asked when looking for your kind of product or service.

We’ll then select the keywords known to hold value, feed them directly and naturally into targeted copy and watch as your website progressively climbs the online ladder.

Like the idea of having a high-converting website that’s highly visible to your target market?

Contact us for friendly, no-obligation advice.


If content marketing isn’t in your strategy then you are missing a major piece of the profit building puzzle! Content marketing isn’t a “buzz term”; it is absolutely necessary in today’s online marketing scene. These days, people want information and advice; they need to know, like and trust the people they do business with. They expect it at the very least.

Too many businesses churn out untargeted, sales-heavy material just to end up wasting time, effort and money. With nearly 80% of internet users saying they only respond to permission based emails, it makes absolute sense to build, grow and nurture your mailing list through engaging, useful and relevant content.

If you’re looking for professional content marketing advice, then let us say this: when your content marketing is properly planned and executed, you will drive more traffic to your website and increase leads. You will build a reputation as the expert in your field and inspire referrals. You will gain better quality leads from the kind of people you want to do business with.

Want to stop wasting time and money on useless marketing efforts? Contact us here for free advice.


Copy without an irresistible call to action is like a flashy car with an empty fuel tank – it may entice people in, but it won’t provide the power to drive them forward. Direct response writing may sound like copywriter’s jargon but it is really the most fundamental aspect of your marketing – prompting a customer to take action.

Customer attention spans are a lot shorter than they used to be and the risk of distraction is a lot greater. That means that now, more than ever, every word in your direct response copy has to serve a purpose; every sentence has to capture attention, persuade and prompt.

We will make sure that your direct response material does just that.

Direct response copy is probably one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book, yet we see so many businesses get it wrong time and time again. Many business owners swipe direct response examples from online but it is impossible for generic templates to maximise results.

There is a reason why these kinds of copywriting examples are usually free, after all!

When you hire us, we will work with you to ensure that your direct response copy does it exactly what it says on the tin – get you the response you want! From the headline/ subject line right through to the “P.S” at the bottom, every sentence will be uniquely targeted to your recipients.

Want to supercharge your response rates? (And you must do if you’re still reading!), contact us today for a no-obligation chat.

Social media marketing is just one of the areas we can help you with


One of the easiest ways you can bump up your website rankings is to add a video to your page. But don’t be fooled into thinking that any old video is going to supercharge your online standing! Your video has to entice people to stay on your page.

 That is why your script is crucially important.

Let’s put this simply; search engines don’t take kindly to websites who are prone to quick visits. When someone exits your website after a short period of time, the search engines “think” that the content is of poor quality/ not relevant to the customer’s search query. That’s not good news for your search rankings which can limit your visibility to potential clients.

What is good news is that putting a video on your page can double the visiting duration and increase the chance of someone taking action by over 130%!

With predictions that over 70% of all online content will be video by 2017, video marketing really should be in your mix of online strategies.  

And we offer more than just an engaging script...

 When you hire us to create an online video, we work closely with our hand- selected digital experts (we really are selective about who we work with) to offer you:

• An optimised video for YouTube – enabling you to reach far more people than with just your website.

• The kind of video that is proven to convert more sales than any other type of digital marketing.

• Options ranging from ‘explainer’ style presentations to full ‘on location’ shoots that can include aerial footage showcasing the locality of your business.

• The option of hiring a professional actor to present your product or service in your video.

Contact us here for free, friendly and no-obligation advice.




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