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Most ‘About Us’ pages go on and on about how fantastically great a company is (zzzzzzz!), but what you really want to know  are the facts about us that can make a real difference to your business.

We could use this page to tell you how Say It Write is run by an award winning writer... and how our marketing content has successfully helped both UK and international businesses... but we won’t.

Instead take a look at the reasons why our customers love using our services:

Peek INSIDE a copywriters diary!

Website content and SEO

Direct response copy

Blog/nurturing copy

Video script creation

Our Connections

Our reputation has made us a few beneficial friends in the industry and we are proud to provide access to an extensive network of online and offline marketing experts who can further support your business growth.

When you contact us, you not only open a door to a proven copywriting company, but a full marketing ‘one stop shop’.  There is no need to make endless phone calls to a range of different service providers just to get the marketing results you deserve – we can take care of that for you.

Our Thorough Process

Effective copywriting is simply great salesmanship in print, but to be able to sell, you have to acquire a deep understanding of the product/ service you’re selling and the market that you’re selling it to.

In other words, there is absolutely no point in hiring a copywriter who doesn’t conduct a deep profiling of your business. Honestly, save your money.

When you get in touch with us we will offer you a free consultation to determine the copywriting needs for your business – with no obligation to use any of our paid services.

If you do become a client of ours, then we work closely with you to analyse and evaluate your business, your target market and your competition. Then (and only then) do we put ‘pen to paper’ and start creating the kind of content that will significantly change your results.

We also communicate with you throughout the duration of each project and help you gain a solid understanding of why certain copywriting techniques will work for your business.

Your marketing material is a key component in the growth of your business and we know how important it is that you remain in full control over your content.  You can rest assured that nothing will ever be sent out to anyone before your expectations are not only met, but exceeded!

Our Exceptional Value and ‘Extra Mile’ approach

Guarantees are hard to make in business but we can absolutely warrant that you will get a lot more than you pay for when you use our copywriting services.


We are business owners just like you and we remember how we felt when we got our very first customer. We wanted to go above and beyond to demonstrate just how much that very first customer meant to us; we were prepared to work  those extra hours and put nothing less than 100% effort into every sentence we wrote.

And nothing’s changed – we still guarantee this impeccable work ethic to every customer looking to hire a copywriter.  We still don’t charge hourly rates or for any extra editing work that’s needed to maximise a project. We still enjoy going that extra mile for each and every customer we work with.

 To prove how much truth is in this statement, we set a limit to the amount of clients we work with on a monthly basis, ensuring that the maximum attention is given to each project.  

After all, we’ve built our business on customer feedback, not on how many paying customers we can acquire every month!

And last but certainly not least...

Our Talent and Expertise

We have been taught by some of the most successful copywriters in the industry and we are constantly updating our knowledge to keep pace with the ever advancing world of online marketing. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry combined with our natural writing talents create a unique solution that not many copywriters can offer.

Ok, so that sounds a little ‘wishy washy’ but it is actually true!

We haven’t decided to become copywriters because it’s an “exciting sounding job title” or because “it will pay the bills”; we are naturally talented writers who have progressed our craft to the sales and marketing spectrum. It may be difficult for some people to understand how copywriting can ignite such passion, but we live and breathe it, and we genuinely love seeing the results our work brings to businesses.

Stephanie Jones

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